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Show Them Who is The King, Huh?

Steel and iron were always been the greatest fellow of warfare. Throughout the existence of humankind, they killed and protected humankind. The steel and iron were useful in usage by each other from each other. Wars of history are also known as hearts of iron. Let’s Get to Know the Story of The Game with Steel and Iron!

In the first phases of history, if you had a blacksmith in your town you were lucky. Convince him to make a Damascus sword for you made with Damascus steel, you are the king of war field. If he was talented enough, the lords will be giveth thy glory to you. Remember, your existence is like the existence of Thor in Ragnarök! People should be afraid of you and your piece of steel!

After a while, warlords started to love steel and iron more. They conquered the lands known as impossible to be conquered. Remember the founding fathers of Uncle Sam. Throughout their revolution, their only fellows in the way to freedom were legendary cannons made of iron and steel. The time has passed to past recent history. Remember the Great War and World War II. Humankind invented the most bloody and destructive weapon throughout its existence. For this time, it was not only steel and iron. Steel and iron made a trustful friend this time, chromium.

While your soldier creating hell for the enemies, they were as safe as they are in heaven. Tanks, folks. The greatest weapon ever produced in history. They are more durable than the winged hussars in Wien. Haven’t you dreamed about getting into a tank and fight for your and your nation’s glory? How dare the other nations claim to be better than your nation? What a shame!

Crazy is the game you can tear down the others’ tanks from different nations. Gather around your crew and take your tank start to slay and to destroy the enemies’ tanks. You are free to show no mercy. This is not a total war, but you should be the one who takes initiatives for his nation. Be the best player in the game and raise your flag to the highest point on the leaderboard.

Be the King: Other players should be knowing who rules them.

In our legendary game, Crazy, if you are the most legendary player the game declares you as the king on your screen and the other players’ screen. What a shame to not write your name on there, huh? Remember, if you earn the highest points, your countries flag will be on the top of the leaderboard. A member of a nation should be serving the interest of its nation, right? There is nothing prouder than to serve your nation. Every citizen should be feeling this feeling in their nerves and hearts.

How should you play Crazy

This is the game about tanks, right? And there are no sound effects or music in this legendary game. Our recommendation is the following. Open the website of the game, before starting to play, you can open some war songs or military anthems. Are military anthems boring? Not a problem. There is a heavy-metal band for these situations. It is called Sabaton. Their songs are about war history especially the recent wars. For example, they have a song called “Panzerkampf”. The song mentions the marching Soviet Tanks into the bases of Germany. You can be pumped by Sabaton. By the way, it is good for sports hours, too.

The basics of

• This is a war game. All the players on the map are your enemy, except you. The goal is killing as much as tanks you can kill. In this process, you shouldn’t be killed.

• The game map reminds us of the old arcade games. But the colors and shapes are smoother. You can feel the good old days. The new generation of gamers should be experiencing the coziness of the arcade theme.

• Your character is a tank crew in a tank. You control the tank with your mouse cursor. Unlike a real war, you are able to dodge the bullets with your precious talents.

• The tank reminds us of the old tank from the arcade era. Remember the phrase, old soldiers never die.

• You shoot by your mouse button. When you click the left mouse click you shoot 5 bullets with a burst. There is a tricky game mechanic that your bullets are not exploded when they touch a surface on the map. They can bounce three or four times. You can use this to ambush your enemies without taking a hit.

• The game declares you as the “king” if you are the best player on the map. Cool! When you are the king, you should do what you should do. We mean, to continue your killing spree to remain on the throne.

• Each kill gives you 10 points to rise in the leaderboard. Also, if you get killed by anyone, your 10 points are deleted by the game.

• You can shoot two times in a row. After two sudden shoots, your crew is reloading your bullets, you should be waiting. So, shooting all time is not a good idea.

• There is a chat section in the game, you can use there to congratulate your talented enemies or to make fun of your loser opponents. Also, you can use the chat to increase the amount of fun. How? We will get that.

• If you are below the recent king in the leaderboard and earn the same point as it had, he remains king. Because you know society, they want changes if the better one comes. No one wants the same old thing.

Into the motherland the enemies’ army march! The walkthrough.

• This is a browser game made by HTML5. We open the website of the game. The color palette shapes our first impression of the game. It all black like the war. You see the leaderboard on the right. There are the names and flags of the glorious players. They gave their national pride.

• In the middle, there is a text area with yellow and gray. We enter our name here as great vocal from Burzum, “Varg Vikernes”. Below it, we should be choosing a server or not. If we don’t choose a server, the game will be placing us on the most crowded server. The game is a bit newborn. So, it is not as crowded as it deserves. The developers had selected the color of liberty for the start button. Interesting but it is true. War brings liberty and freedom. We click it.

• We have spawned in the map that an insecure place. The place is like a square we try to find enemies. We see a burst of bullets. This means there are enemies nearby. We eliminate the tank called “sleepy joe”. That is an uncommon name. This is our first 10 points. We continue our search for enemy tanks. This place is like a labyrinth.

• We see a few tanks from our cover. They are approaching. We decide to hunt them with our bouncing shoots. An inevitable death for them. Such a nice surprise, huh? We burst 10 bullets in a row that means 2 clicks with the mouse. Three of the enemies are killed. That is easy.

• Look at that! A player kills us like a loser from our back. They have no honor to face us. What a shame! We have spawned again. It’s revenge o’clock, folks. The name of the tank was in the Kiril alphabet. We can pronounce his name but there is a chat. We type “hey, Putin come here to face Rasputin.”.

• We destroy the Russian player’s tank. He is free to cry in the Volga river or else. It doesn’t matter. Maybe his tears create a brand-new Volga river we don’t know.

• The bouncing shoots are our hidden weapon. We kill two other tanks in a row again. Are those people blind? The game declares us as the king. We literally rule the entire map.

• It seems like our beloved Russian kiddo brings a company for us. The game is much fun now. There are six more tanks with the Kiril alphabet. We don’t know how to pronounce them, but We will be mentioning them as Boris, Boris-1, Boris-2, Boris-3, Boris-4, and Boris-5. Actually, they are like Boris 5 like Jackson 5.

• They are trying to circle me on the map, but we kill two of them with our two mouse clicks. The original Boris chasing me on the map. In this game, chasing is not a wise choice. Any moment the player that chased by the chaser will be able to use bouncing shoots to get you. Boris should be understanding this.

• There is something written in Russian in the chat. Probably they get angrier. I continue to rule them. But it seems like Boris-3 and Boris-4 give up killing me. They chase after Boris, Boris-1, and Boris-2. Is someone able to bringing popcorns, please?

• After a long reign, I get killed to “sleepy joe” on purpose. Any dynasty remains forever. “sleepy joe” was the first victim of our reign, he deserves this honor.

Let’s recall again. How should you play this game?

You just sit on your chair. You should be doing something to give pride to your nation. This is a challenge to your motherland. How dare any nation to challenge your motherland to anything. This act should be punished as deserved. Bring your crew and tear apart the turrets of the enemy tanks. Open some war song by Sabaton, this will be increasing the feeling of glory more than +25% according to researches made on our body, true story.


As you can see, Crazy is a great game to have fun with. For example, you did your homework, but your family doesn’t let you play your game on your Wii or PS5. What should you do? You totally should be part of the tank mayhem takes place in Crazy There are players around the world. Your countries’ flag should be at the top of the leaderboard.